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About us

The ethos of our Academy is to recognize the potential in every student and provide the highest quality of education to help them succeed. We are here to help our students achieve their full academic potential using unique teaching methods. Our team consists of qualified teachers, professionals, subject experts and Industry Veterans.We believe that learning a subject from different perspectives allows a student to thoroughly understand the topic.

We do not sell dreams; rather we help our students work towards them.



We want to provide exemplary academic support programs and services that enrich the learning experience of students within an engaging and welcoming environment.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many students are enrolled per class?

We have a strict 1:10 Faculty student ratio. 

This means that in every class, we only enroll a Maximum of 10 students. 

A bigger batch size which has many students ( Atleast 20+ students) causes larger distractions and it is entirely possible for a student to lose track of what is being taught. There is absolutely no way that a teacher will be able to cater to the needs and doubts of so many students and ultimately this experiences results in just exam based learning.

When we have small batch sizes, Personal Attention is inevitable for students by our faculty.

Smaller batch strength can possibly also create a better level of teacher student bonding which is also a very important aspect in the learning process.

In a smaller batch students can get their doubts better answered as compared to a large batch. Specially in case of the more difficult chapters which require a lot more of conceptual level of understanding, a small batch size is definitely the way to go to not only get the know-how to pass all the exams with flying colors but also to achieve a thorough and in depth understanding of the subject which will help the student going ahead in their career as well.

Is the study Material offered by Insight suitable for all students?

Absolutely. The Material that we offer ( Both Online and Offline) is vetted and curated by Subject Experts with an experience of over 25+ Years. They are perfected with only one goal in mind, Excellence. 

Where do you recruit faculty members from?

Insight Education only recruits faculty that are experts in their respective field. Each one of our faculty members go through intensive training before they start classes.Our Average Faculty has a Minimum of 10+ Years of Teaching experience.

Are there any online courses available for students?

As of now, There are no Pure online courses for students, however we do have an online test series and study material along with a gamified learning approach and track exclusively for our students.

How does Insight select students?

Our Institute is open for all school students between Class VI and XII. There’re no specific criteria that a student needs to match to get into Insight.

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